May 11, 2021


Uluarctic is a full-service consulting firm with a track record of delivering exceptional results in the fields of Construction Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Governance, Energy Law, Immigration Law, Tenders, EPC Contracts, SLAs, O&M Agreements and FIDIC based PP projects including nuclear, CCGT IPPs, HEPP, Wind and Solar with local and international participants alike.

We are proud to state that our extensive experience working on complex, cutting-edge legal transactions, as well as a collective sectoral and practical proficiency, provide Uluarctic with a distinct advantage in both the Turkish legal market and international display.

In Uluarctic Consulting, we are deeply committed to understanding a client's needs, from not only a legal but also commercial aspect. In this regard, we have an understanding and awareness of the legal, regulatory, political and economic environment in Turkey, United Kingdom, Europe and MENA region.

Our focus is to provide the best solutions in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible to a client.